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Practice Areas

Quality Legal Counsel, Cost Effective Representation.

Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Sanghvi Law Group helps landlords and tenants effectively resolve difficult legal disputes involving evictions, litigation, and leases. 

If you are a landlord or a tenant in Illinois you can count on the Sanghvi Law Group to provide you with accurate legal direction to resolve your matter in an expedient and affordable manner. 


Debt Collection


We fight for your right to recover the money that you are owed, and help you keep the money you worked hard to earn.

The Sanghvi Law Group has extensive experience with representing creditors of various sizes in both state court and bankruptcy court. If your debtor has filed for bankruptcy it is imperative you contact legal counsel as soon as possible to secure your claim. 


Real Estate


Purchasing or selling real estate can be one of the most exciting and stressfull times of your life and it is important you hire the right attorney to walk you through the often complex and daunting process.  


Buying and selling real estate requires confidence that your transaction will be legally binding, and that you have done everything possible to avoid potential legal snarls in the future.  Sanghvi Law Group has extensive experience in real estate transactions and will assist in a smooth transaction while protecting your interests.


Business Formation

The first step to every successful business is deciding on which corporate structure to use to provide you with the maximum tax benefit and to minimize your personal liability. 

If you are considering starting a business in Illinois be sure to seek legal advice first to ensure your business is set up properly, whether it be a limited liability corporation, limited liability partnership, an S-Corporation or a C-Corporation, to ensure the maximum benefit and security to you and your family.

Commercial Litigation


Success in business depends upon the right foundation, the ability to adapt, and a strong proactive approach to adverse situations.  

Disputes with customers, suppliers, lenders, shareholders, employees, business partners, or competitors will inevitably arise and you need a law firm on your side that will meet these conflicts head on.  




Mechanics Liens

A Mechanics lien ensures that those who provide labor, supply materials, or provide professional services on a construction project are paid for such work. If the lien is not paid, the mechanics lien holder may sell the property that is subject to the lien to collect payment. 

If you have provided materials or labor for which payment was witheld or if you are a homeowner involved in a mechanic lien dispute contact our office to protect your interests.

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